Bitcoins are a new issue for you

Bitcoins are a new issue for you? Then you wonder probably wondering how you come to your first Bitcoins. Buy Bitcoins is the fastest way. Bitcoins to earn the way, is also very good. Makes even more fun and costs less. However, buying Bitcoins to get started is the fastest and easiest option.

Buy Bitcoins - Bitcoin rate against the euro the past twelve months

Bitcoin rate against the euro on Kraken – the last twelve months (Source: bitcoincharts . Com )

What you should look for when buying Bitcoins

  • Speed : how fast you want to have your Bitcoins
  • Security : buy only from vendors you trust
  • Fees : watch out for Marketplace charges, these are not the same everywhere
  • Price : the Bitcoin price also varies from vendor to vendor

Therefore always look carefully compare different methods and here more!

Method 1: use bitcoin code

A very simple way the best review online buy Bitcoins offer direct provider without registration as well as gift cards. bit4coin is a provider of Amsterdam of both variants has on offer.

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The direct purchase at bit4coin has two advantages. One must not register and can Bitcoins immediately receive . Thus the Bitcoin purchase goes very quickly. In three short steps to obtain his Bitcoins

  1. Opt for this variant the coupon code via SMS . One can Bitcoins for euro amounts from 50 to 500 EUR buy. Then fill in the right part of the page, the order of
  2. Pay your order for a fixed price sale by bank transfer. The transfer is accounted for by bit4coin and takes about one day. Once bit4coin received your transfer, they send you a code to buy Bitcoins.
  3. After receiving the code via SMS you can send your bitcoins to cash out on bit4coin. To do this you simply enter the code on the bit4coin website should indicate at what address you want it sent out the Bitcoins.

Buying a gift card is quite similar. But here you get sent a physiche card by mail that has a certain value Euro. If you redeem the gift card, it converts this value into Euro-Bitcoins. The Bitcoin purchase is made also in three steps

  1. Fill out the order form. You have the option between gift cards with values of 25, 50, 100 or 150 EUR to choose.
  2. Pay your order by bank transfer to the account of bit4coin.
  3. The gift card is delivered by mail to your home. Go to bit4coin and redeem the card.

If you want to buy bit4coin Bitcoins, you have to pay attention to the exchange rate . This applies both to the direct variant and the gift card. Namely obtained Bitcoins at the exchange rate applicable at the time of redeeming.

Judging from falling prices of, you can wait a bit after the receipt of the gift card or SMS codes with the redeeming yet. Because then you get paid for its fixed euro amount, a larger amount Bitcoins. Both the gift card and the SMS code way, are valid for two years . Judging from rising prices of, you should redeem the card after receiving fast.

Method 2: Bitcoins to buy from private individuals

The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to buy Bitcoins is she from another private person to buy. Do you know, for example, someone who makes Bitcoin Mining? Miner often have a well-stocked Bitcoin wallet and to sell a few Bitcoins. The advantage is that you have to pay it no additional fees to an exchange or a dealer. In addition, it goes so fast.

Do you know anyone who wants to sell you Bitcoins private? Then you could LocalBitcoins be something for you. This is a marketplace on which you can see who would like to sell in your area Bitcoins. The most convenient and safest is to pay by bank transfer. Since there are many sellers of Germany there is usually quickly found a suitable offer. A sale is made quickly. LocalBitcoins also offer an escrow service to ensure a high level of security.

  1. Please log in to LocalBitcoins
  2. Find a suitable offer to sell
  3. Pay your Bitcoins by bank transfer
  4. After confirmation of receipt of payment your Bitcoins on the LocalBitcoins Wallet will be credited

One last tip: in Berlin are frequently encountered in Room 77 Bitcoin enthusiasts. The Room 77 is the first bar has accepted the Bitcoins as payment worldwide. Since 2011 you can pay there burger and beer with Bitcoiins. If you want to buy Bitcoins, just ask one of those present. The probability is high that can be bought from any of the experienced user Bitcoins.

Method 3: Bitcoins purchase through a stock exchange

There are several exchanges through which you can buy Bitcoins. Then set it here to the criteria listed above. A well-suited for European customers Bitcoin exchange is octopus . The Exchange is located in the US and works together with the Munich Fidor bank in Europe. A purchase Gehr here rather quickly, provided you have a balance on your account Kraken. Charging takes a few days and goes as follows.

  1. Register now for octopuses. All you need initially only your email address to specify a username and your country of origin. As a next step you have to verify you. Here, there are several steps. For Stage 1, the indication of your name, your date of birth and telephone number ranges. However, Level 1 allows only the action with digital currencies. In order to trade and currencies like the euro or US dollar combined with Bitcoins, you have to be verified for stage second To this are his full postal address to. Now you have to wait up to two days to be activated. Higher verification steps are only necessary if you want to charge very large volumes and lift.
  2. If your octopus account is activated, you can start. You will transfer one to be chosen by you euro credit on the specified under ‘Funding’ bank account. The beauty is that you do not have to wait long by SEPA payment until the money is there.
  3. After payment you will receive an email from octopus. You can buy bitcoins now.

The fee for octopuses is currently 0.2% of the traded volume . If you want to trade other currency pairs as EUR and Bitcoins, the fees can vary slightly. Compared to other markets, the fees are quite low here. From the equivalent of more than 2,500 US $ per transaction fees are a little lower.

If you buy at the market price, your Bitcoins will be credited immediately. Kraken You can transfer to output them to another wallet.

Another advantage of octopus that you can also other digital currencies like namecoin, Litecoin and Ven act. The offer other exchanges rarely, thus octopus is here one step ahead.

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