Ninja, which were covered fighting warriors in ancient Japan. Their task was not only to spy, but also murdering opponents. What has moved to the choice of name, the company is not known, especially as the NinjaTrader LLC is not domiciled in Japan but in the middle of the United States , in Denver, the know many German mainly because of the ’80s series Dynasty.

The NinjaTrader is Read the latest review the central product of the company, in addition to a large branch in Chicago and in Europe two offices maintains, one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and one in Upper Franconia Bamberg.

The NinjaTrader is the central product of the NinjaTrader LLC


Basically, the NinjaTrader can almost everything and the MetaTrader from Metaquotes can. It can be current rates retrieve charts analyzes and displays the current data clearly with the Market Analyzer. For example, cells that set criteria meet or do not meet, are highlighted.

Screenshot NinjaTrader

Chart analysis in NinjaTrader

But the greatest strength of the option is automatic trading strategies to develop. However, this depth are IT skills needed as the competitor Metaquotes, knowledge of C ++ is helpful. Not so with the MetaTrader, for Metaquotes has developed a relatively simple programming language for creating Expert Advisors can make money of the MetaQuotes Language (MQL). One should not forget in this context the fact that it is through the more difficult programming are also fewer traders and thus fewer colleagues to exchange.


As described in the paragraph above, it was not so simple automated in the old version strategies to develop. But since not every trader is automatically a good C plus programmers, developers of Ninja Traders have the platform developed so that an automated trading strategy can be constructed within a few clicks. The magic word is “point and click” With this method one is. Indicator selected, and then set the condition in a chart A simple trade signal can look at an example.:

  • First condition: the EMA9 intersects the EMA 20 from bottom to top
  • Second condition: The course is located above the EMA 20, but under the EMA9
  • Third condition: now closes the course above the EMA9 a buy signal will be generated.

In the Condition Builder can still be determined whether now

  • is to be an alarm in the form of an e-mail
  • is to be an alarm in the form of a beep,
  • A buy order to be granted
  • A sell order is to be issued
  • Additional orders such as stop loss or take profit may also be granted

Another notable fact of the new Strategy Builder is the ability to retroactively strategies in the form of back tests to check for proper function. So strategies can not only developed but existing trading systems are also optimized accordingly, before the real money will nachgetradet account.

Traders who the + C programming language are powerful have to do without this function in the future, of course. Automated trading systems can use the future as well Ninja Script be constructed. The strategies to market events, market depth, the order status, fill the best review online and position updates can build.


When successful trading is nothing more important than reliable and accurate second market information . Under market information which are real-time quotes to understand, and the best possible price in order to get job.

Depending on the subscribed feeds, the NinjaTrader is not only capable of current market conditions on the foreign exchange market, but also the real-time prices for processing of raw materials or futures. In the window display information:

  • Net change in a day
  • Last trade
  • position size
  • Unrealized gain / loss

The Market Analyzer can also be used to a warning system for buy signals and sell signals you generate automated trading system to generate. Particularly interesting is the function that own Watchlist basis of previously defined parameters to sort and filter. So is visible at a glance, where trading opportunities arise, and where positions need to be checked.


Every successful trader knows that the preparation of a trade can determine the success or failure of a position. It is therefore important that the information in the order mask are kept clear and straightforward. And here the NinjaTrader can show its true strength. For more than 13 years, the developer of the trading platform have a simple, but very powerful functionality created and constantly developed. We are talking about Superdom . Give asylum einzu the often complicated courses with their decimal, based the information in Superdom on numbers that can perform an order with a few clicks. Superdom it one of one of the best recording systems Order of tasks.